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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  March 20, 2011 10:00pm-10:35pm EDT

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a shootout with pooice...caught on camera. camera. ---gunshots--- ---gunshots--- what led to this choatic scene that ended in death. -------------------------------- -----wwy did he even get to the gun? why? why?a 4 year old baltimore boy...shoots himself and dies.. why family and friends of the child's mother say she's not to blame. -------------------------------- -------------missle fires-- fires-- &p u-s missiles...pound the coast of libya. who the strikes are targeting in the war-torn country. -------------------------------- ---------
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good evening, i'm jennifer gilbert.a cease-fire in libya? the libyan military is calling for that, in its fight witt opposstton forces.ttat's the reaction... the day after raids from a coalition of air power. and as barbara hall reports tonight...u-s planes have joined the international effort to get libyan leader moammar gadhafi in line with a united nations mandated no-fly zone. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 these dramatic images from eastern libya show the sheer power of coalition airstrikes. rebels seeking to overthrow the regime of moammar ggdhafi say the targee was a government convoy that was moving on tteii stronghold of benghazi.the united states, britain, france and others began operation odyssey dawn on saturday...saying gadhafi was not honoring a u-n mandated no-fly zone over libyan skies.the pentagon says
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coalition forces are enforcing the orrer and now rule the air. one eyewitnnes says that whhle the missile and bomb attacks forces are iitimidating ... we're scared of what will be the domestic reaction towards those strikesfears peehapssnot unfounded...on sunday gadhafi its coalition ited states and - partners...calllng them nazis and terroristt and sayiig a long war lies ahead.even if we like martyrdom,,we tell you we will not die ou will diethe regime says dozens of libyans have been killedd.mostly civilians.the pentagon says precautions are being taken to avoid non-military areas..and says ii has seennno reports of quotee- significant civilian casualties..'m barbarr hall reporting from atlanta. the pentagon says it is taking a wait and see approach on the gadhafi cease-fire announcement, and is urging the rrgime to commit to it.
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back here...tragedy in northwest baltimore. a four-year-old boy iss dead...after he shot himself in the face with a gun. and as myranda stephens tell us first on fox and friends of the child's mother say she's not to blame. 2:15 we was just sitting ouu here waiting to see what was down the street when she heard what happened to her little cousinn 1:02 i just don't underssand why did he even get to the gun? why? 08 jjst before 10:30 his morning... police responded to a call about shooting at this home on the corner of fernhill avenue. when officers arrived....they found a four-year-old boy inside... shot in the face. jeremy 5604 have found a gun insiie of the home. some point the gun went off 10the boy was rushed tt sinai hospital... and then transferred to johns myranda 8:05 family and . friends say the child's mother also has a 2-year-old soo. but they say she would never
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children innharm's way 14 courtney 00:28 i think she wasn't around when this haapened. yeah, she probably was in theehouse but not in the same room. because krissy a real good mother. she real good with her children 37 jones says the mother, kristen pownsend, doesn't live at thh homm. and she says the gun... must belong to someone else. 00:54 first of all the gun shouldn't have been in the house. second how did he get to it why was it in his reach 00 questions police are asking too. 58:05 we're still looking into the circumstances around this shooting 08 but we always want to remind ppl to take the upmost caution if you have a firearm in the house. 13 always keep it unloaded. always keep it an area that is unaccessible o children 19and possibly prevent another tragedy like this. 00:38 all i can say is krissy a real good mother and i hope that she can pull through with this 43 in northwest baltimore, myranda stephens, fox45 news at ten. police dii recover the gun from the scene. the child has been identfied as tyeshawn townsend. nn word if any charges will be
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filed.. a bbltimore city police officer is recovering after being shot friday night. night. gunshots were fired on harffrd road just before 8 friday. policee ay a suspect on a bikeeshot at detectives...who then fired back. robert waakins has lived in this east baltimore neighborhood where t happened for more than 40-years. he says, sadly, he's gotten used to the vvolence. 3 i just heard the gunshots and first thing i did was try and find out where my nephew was 3 3 3 the younn kids now they don't have no respect for nobody for no eldees the officer was shot in the neck ann is expected to make a full recoverr.the suspect was also shot. he's listtd in critical condition at johns hopkins hospital. police responded to two more shootings friday night. two men were shot on east hofffan street around 8-30. hen just before 11...two 18- year-old men were shot on orem saturday morning...another shooting... a 21-year-old was shot and killed on mcmechen street. two others were also hurt in that
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gunfire. 3 a baltimore woman who moved to florida is missing. and now her boyfriend is being her disappearance. interest in disappearance. 34-yyar-old kelly rothwell graduated from overlea high school. she'' been living at a condo in indian working as a police recruit at a police academy in saint petersburg. she was last seen march 12th by her frienn who met her for lunch at a restaurant in clearwater. police went to her home the next day when a friend called, concerned about kelly's safety -because of possible domestic violence between her and boyfriend, david perry. 3 3 "it always seemed like he put her in this trance and manipulated her mind, you kkow he was contrrlling her." her." p3 "i know that he knows wwat this piont he's gone missing as well that just tells me he's trying to run from himself" himself." police caught up ith perry in new york and he would
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not answer any queetions. and as kelly's sister just said...he's now missing. the woman arrested for killing her co-worker at a yoga store in bethesda will be arraigned on murder charges tomorrow.police say the story that the women were attacked in the store by two masked men was all a lie. lie. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 &p3 3 3 brittany norwood is accused of killing her co-worker at the lulu-lemon store in downtown &pbethesda....police say she tried to cover up the murder.... and made up a story, about two masked men. men. 3 3 "to realize the terror it put this community through...this lie...this fabricated for the wrrng people...people spent time aad energy...and the fear that everybody had." according to charging pocuments.... norwood had superffciil cuts that appeared self-inflicted... there was evidence of a "clean up" at the crime scene....norwood claimed she but doctors found no evidence of an assault...norwood was found lying on the bathroom
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floor...feee and ands tied... but detectives said she appeared to have been "posed" in that position. the documents also say norwood changed her story over several days... when she was inally confronted with was heard a loud argument about ad 10:30 that night between two women... norwood murray...her co-worker had started it. norwood was miccael nguyennowns aanearby - nail salon. hh says tww o'clock that very afternoon...brittany norwood salon.... "it was so aaazing that day...she was totally it?...actually she was sweet to's amazing." but olice say hours later...norwood beat and stabbed jayna murray... murray... : "i'mmjust disgusted at how theewwole thing urned out..." cynthia taborda is murray's longtime friend. friend. 3 "her fammly and friends
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deserveeto know....the truth...that's all...the truth." jayna murray was buried yesterday in texas. that's where her parents live. 6 volunteer firefighters in calvert county are in the hospital afttr fighting a huge fire at aamansion on the patuxent river. river. the fire started early this morning in huntingtown. 5 people inside the 2 million &pdollar home got out k. ok. the fire may have started in a basement down part of the roof. the collapse made fiihting the firr very dangerous for 6 firefighters hurt is in the perious coodition. &pthe u-s-s constellation is making its way back to baltimore's inner harbor tomorr. tomorrow.thh historic ship has spent the last 7 weeks dry docked to undergo repairs from major will returr po the harbor along with the also pullee from the waters for maintenance.but the constellation may need more work-- ddwn the line-- that could take it out of the water for up to 6 months.
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patterson park got a mmkeover today. world mission society church of god held the clean-up event. members athered to give the historic city park a fresh look --- cleaning up the boat this is just one part of a "over 1,400 different churches and communities are coming together under worlddmission over 150 different countries are particippting. it's one day, it's one time, everyone's cleaning up the entire world right now" the clean-up is to promote passover next month. a little breezy, but it was a nnce day to be outside in patterson park today. meteorologist tony pagnotti is here with a first look at the what the week ahead has in store. tony. tony. 3 3--ggnfirr--
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--gunfire-- 3 a shootout wwth police ends in death. what led to this chaotic scene in wisconsin...still ahead. disaster in japan. the new ccncern tonight about radiation leaking out of damaged nuclear 3 "we fflt it. it was a veey big earthquake." 3 and a high school lacrosse
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team from japan is competing in maryland. how the earthquake in japan almost kept them from traveling to the u-s. 3 ֖֖֖֖֖
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we download about four free songs a month. i play online poker two nights a week. my fiancee shops online about an hour a day. we're exposing ourselves to web viruses that could obliterate our finances and leave our future together a bleak and tortured existence. [ laughs nervously ] i got it covered. we switched to kaspersky. no matter who you are, we've got you covered. kaspersky, the most advanced internet security software. the radiation crisis continues
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in japan.they're still trying to cool down those dammged nuclear reactors at thee fukishima plant.and now this problem: water, milk and food found with high levels of
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radiation. the main focus at fukkshima is to restore power and cooling as 75 miles away from the plant have shown levels of radioactive iodine beyond say though it poses no immediate health risks. the death toll from the quake and tsunami has jumped to over eight thousand people. back here in baltimore... a team of young lacrosse players came all he way from japan to experience their sport in a whole new way. theyyleft tokyo right after the earthquake. and today, they took on the team from loyooa blakefield high school. melinda roeder is here with more on the big game... and why it almost was canceled. melinda. there are only four high school lacrosse teams in the entire country of japan. so most of their games are against university teamss baltimore... and playing on johns hopkins field... they say... is a unique honor that they did ot want to miss. miss. (nats in huddle @ 19:36)it's
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never easy... being the visiting team.but these players... traveled all the way from tokyo.03:02 "my son is number ten over there. pidfielder."it's a growing aren't used to facing tough american teams.23:27 "americans are, really good!" some differences are obvious. way bigger than us."and their styles... a bit unfamiliar. 22:55 "like their offense was a lot different... challenged us more than we're used to."to the team from "k-o" high school... just getting here... was half the battle. 04:00 "we felt it. it was a very big earthquake."04:05 "and we had after shocks. many aftershocks. and we had know, the shortage."evee worse... was the fear of going outdoors due to radiation. 24:40 "so we had to cancel our practice for a few days too." the disaster threatened to detour their american tour. 04:55 "and i'm sure some of the parentt were against it
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because it's a difficult situation... send their son to a foreign country in that situation."but the team really wanted to come.26:58 "i'm excited."and once they got here... theirrfocus.. was on the field.12:16 "we just switched our minds off and decided to enjoy."they try to stay on top of the news back home.26:58 "i watch tv."but while theyyre here... they'll have as much fun as they can. 20:10 "good game, good game" (handdhakes)and take home... memories... of charm city.... 05:27 "it's beautiful. beautiful city."and new friends they've made... along the way.21:42 "i think they did really well."25:28 "oh that's nice." some of the american players say they'd love to go to japan and play the tokyo team on their turf next.chaperones ssy they're just thankful the players got a reprieve from all the turmoil back home. melinda roederr fox 45 news at ten.
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catholic elief services and the american red cross are accepting donations to help the survivors in japan. find links to their websites by going to fox baltimore dot com sllsh newslinks. a police officer is killed and another is hurt in a shootout with a suspect in wisconsin. and the tragic scene all unfolded on ca. camera. ---gunshots--- ---gunshots--- loud gunshots were heard in a neighborhood in ffnd du lac &pearly this morning. a woman was seen being rushed out of the home...into a sheriff's van. police werr called to the house initially for a sexual assault report...and that lee to a 6 hour standoff. in the end the guuman, james cruckson took his own life. &p299year-old ooficer craig birkholz was killed.
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today is the first day of spring and that means frre italian ice at rita's.many gathered to collect their free treat in orth baltimore today. 45 locations throughout baltimore participated. --jennifer toos to tony---
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remember fox45 skywatch weather is at your fingertips. fingertips. i-radar is available at foxbaltimore dot com. you can useefox45's interactive tooll and powerful doppler radar to traak comiig storms. go to foxbaltimore dot com and click on i-radar. 3 3 the moon... looking bigger and brighter than ever.
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at shopping online. friending absolutely everyone. playing online war games with stoner burnouts. exposing us to horrible viruses that could strip-mine our database, leaving me and my employees recycling bottles and cans to pay our mortgages. over my dead body. i switched to kaspersky. no matter who you are, we've got you covered. kaspersky. the most advanced internet security software. the moon is so close to eerth
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--- it's making it pretty "super".this s what the "supermoon" looked like yesterday in washington, d.c. it was bigger aad brighter than the typical fulll moon.scientists say last night &pthe moon was at it's closest position to earth, in 18 years. the smoking ban on the bethany beach boardwalk is now moving beyond the summer months --- to the entire year.the ban
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applies to the boardwalk and access ampp --- the bandstand, parks, and playgrounds.smokers will still be able to light up at desiggated areas.. first time offense carries a warning --- but repeat violators... could face fines. u-s senator barbara mikulski was honored today at a women's history month celebration. wws held at the central library. senator mikulski made history in january as the longest-serving woman in theeu-s senate. "to have the longest serving wwman in the senate be from baltimore be from marylann is need to recognize her." her."senator mikulski is the first woman elected to the been in office for 244yeaas. 3 3 derrek lee made his oriole debut yesterday... the new injury thaa kept him out of the lineup todaa... coming up in sports unlimited... 3 3
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?ca thanks for joining us for
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fox45 nnws at ten...up next bruce cunningham has a complete wrap-up of the day in sports... bruce... .coming up tonight on sports unlimited... the lady terps hosted their first game of the young squad played more like veterans agaiist t. carolina were both on upset alert today... find out if the &ptop 2 schools from the acc ar still standing.. standing.. .derrek lee made his oriole debut yesterday... but he was out today... we'll tell you what his new injury is... and brian roberts returred to the llneup... find out how the o's 2nd baseman id in his first game since march 7th....he only has one leg but that didn't keep him from winning the championship in his weight class... a great story coming up.....lake griffin with
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the rookie phenom was thrown out of the game because of it....and the top dog at umbc joins us in the studio... randy monroe is here to talk all things basketball... that's next... .sports this... 3 welcome in o sports
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unlimited... i'm bruce post st francis of pennsylvania in their first round matchup... and umbc men's head coach randy monroe will join us live in the studio to talk college hoops... but first we begin in &pflorida whereethe oriooes get another starter backkfrom injury... we begin in sarasota, where brian roberts was in the since march 7th....e's been out with back wasn't anything all that memorablee.oh for 2 at the plate with a walk and a the birds areerelieved..they were in a wild ne today against the rays in port charlotte .top of the 2nd... orioles have runners on the corners for j-j hardy... hardy


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